Prepping for Finals

Happy last week of classes ‘Hounds!!!!

I don’t know about you but it feels like this semester has just FLOWN by!

I’m writing to you this week in preparation for finals week and how to best survive it!

I’ve lucked out this year and all of my finals are reasonably spread out. I actually don’t like this happening because in previous semesters I’ve tricked myself into thinking I don’t need to prepare as much… this is FALSE. I’m combating that notion this year by making a list and checking it twice…. no I’m not Santa, but at least finals week won’t feel like getting coal on Christmas if I’m on the ball by preparing ahead of time.

Here are some tips that have helped me (& that I’ve asked my roomies about!):

1) De-junk your notebooks and binders. I find it helpful to go through each of my classes notebooks and binders and declutter everything. Is the final cumulative? If so, find those necessary notes from the semester. Organize everything by chapter or when it was covered. This will help you feel a little more in control over your upcoming exam and have all the information at your fingertips.

2) Clean your room. Maybe it’s a personal help, but having my room and desk physically neat always help me be more productive when it comes down to studying!

3) Don’t just study. Haha, if only we didn’t have to study at all! But it is proven that you need to get out and distract yourself from studying to refresh your mind; these breaks do wonders for your mentality on the material as well as serve as much-needed relaxation for your tired brain!

4) Eat healthy and be active.  This should really be a no-brainer… Healthy food is the best for you and those green things on your plate are actually really powerful superfoods that will help you retain info and ace that final! Also, get out and walk around, even if it’s only around campus for 20 minutes, that counts! Not only are you getting some exercise, but you’re giving your brain a little break!

5) Just relax! Try to relax because honestly finals should not stress us out as much as they do! We should try to get through finals as calmly as possible, which we all know is a joke considering we have 18 billion other things to worry about on top of finals.

ok hounds, here goes nothing, wish you all luck!!

Have a great final week & good luck on your presentations and finals!!
Victoria :)

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