Amsterdam in a day

I just got back from Amsterdam!

Lesson from this trip: be prepared for anything!

We had an interesting weekend the least to say! We got lost getting to our hotel Saturday, and our timing was totally off, but we eventually made it!! (with some help from the locals!)
After we settled in to our lovely hotel, we took the tram to the “Heineken Experience” where we took a fun tour of four levels of the Heineken Brewery. As you can see I learned to brew a great Heineken!

Heineken Brewery, Holland

Stirring the 'wort'

After Heineken we hit up the Hard Rock Cafe for some all-American food! Finally had nachos after going way too long without them! After dinner, we walked around and did a little bar-hopping.

Sunday was pretty hectic, but we got to see the Anne Frank House and the ‘I amsterdam’ sign!

Afterward we hopped back on the tram and got lunch before heading to the bus station to get back to our ferry home to Newcastle!

Hope all is well Hounds!

From Newcastle with love,
Victoria :)

Applying yourself after midterms … Trust me, you should!

Now, after Midterms you’re probably exhausted after cramming and pulling an all-nighter or two, but you can’t pretend that it’s slack time just yet. During the two-ish weeks following mid-terms you will be most susceptible to a bad grade (or more) since you’ve likely gone into zombie-mode after all the studying you did.

I’m begging you not to toss your textbooks over the railing on the fourth floor of Sellinger just yet. I hate to be the one to break this to you, but my experiences so far have led to this important discovery:


Your professors keep teaching and consequently testing and quizzing you, so you’ll want to put your books back in your Longchamp or backpack and breathe. I’m not telling you to continue with your crazy study sessions or however you got through midterms. I’d just like to make sure you’re aware of what’s going on in classes and to keep everything in check with your schedule.