Un-Settle Yourself!

We are finally settling into our weekly routines for the semester and it feels good to begin to see the same faces and have (some) control over our hectic lives. What we don’t realize is that the same mundane routine is actually not good for us. Our ‘routine’ actually limits our ability to get the most out of our college experience!
Being abroad has enabled me to see that more clearly now, since NOTHING is the same as it is at Loyola. I only picked my classes last week, I get a full workout from all the walking I do everyday, and the pizza here doesn’t compare to Pizza Mart’s(not to mention that they don’t have Reese’s!… ok I had to mention that.)
While the people here are different in many ways – like the fact that they don’t wear rain boots when it rains and their accents make English almost unrecognizable! – the 38 of us Loyola juniors are in almost the same spot as these “freshers”… We only know a handful of people, we are learning a new city, while trying to make new friends and find our classes, and of course, we all miss our Mom’s home-cooked meals… or rather Chipotle!

I admit now that I have taken the comfort of a routine schedule for granted, but I know that this experience only comes but once -well as a fresher, now twice! I’ve made a vow to myself to try to make the most of my time here by adventuring into new interests and trying things I normally wouldn’t! I’ve already started to embrace the experience, and I know that I’ll have few regrets because I can say I did something new. Recently, we went to Tynemouth to see the Priory and eat classic fish and chips! It was so much fun just being in a town I didn’t know exploring the little shops. It was so enjoyable to experience a new town and to know that I’ll have experiences like this one the whole semester!I’ve signed up for Gourmet Society, aka cooking! At the current moment, I know how to cook pasta and sauce, Kraft’s Mac & Cheese, and the occasional batch of french toast when I’m in need of breakfast! Our first cooking night is tomorrow and we’re making sushi! This is a new encounter for me since A)I’m not really a sushi girl and B) I can’t cook, if you couldn’t tell!
Wish me luck on my sushi adventure!!
From Newcastle,
Victoria :)