Avoiding the ‘Freshman 15′… and any increments that may come after!

I remember as a freshman, one of the most challenging things to maintain (other than a proper sleep schedule) was a healthy diet. Obviously life gets hectic; somtimes we find ourselves slipping from our good habits we had and getting lazy with our choices in food.

Yes, I get it, a burrito is easier to eat than a salad on-the-go, but at the end of the day, we should feel good about our bodies and the food we ate. And hopefully if we make good choices and get regular work-outs in at the FAC, we won’t gain the dreaded ‘Freshman 15′ or any of the 5lb increments that could potentially follow… We all know that come Friday, you WILL order Pizza Mart/make a stop there before you return to campus for the night, so those burritos will add up fast if you aren’t making healthier choices before nightfall

Keep these tips in mind as you continue through the semester…

  1. Pay SOME attention to what you are eating, aka is there something nutritious in it?
  2. I know it’s hard having to cook for yourself after Mom cooked for you every night all summer, but you can find similiar things available at the grocery store. try making a list before you go or even asking your mom for a recipe or two!(It’ll even help make you feel at home!)
  3. Eat breakfast to avoid binge eating later in the day, I promise it’ll work.
  4. Make going to the FAC a regular occurrence. Not only does it keep you energized, but it’s also proven to help keep you happy! So even if it’s not the gym, just do something! It’s as simple as going for a walk around campus or the Inner Harbor on the weekend!
  5. Remember that a healthy lifestyle is a continuous commitment to your body’s well-being which contributes to your mind’s ability to keep absorbing knowledge, so stay healthy Loyola!

Have a great week and remember that healthy choices aren’t hard and can contribute more than you realize to your well-being!

Just an update on my adventures abroad:
This weekend, the Loyola group had the privilege of traveling to Keswick to go to the Newland’s Adventure Centre for a great weekend packed with nature intensive activities. We completed their Ropes Course, we went Ghyll Scrambling (Click here to watch a video!), and we climbed a mountain!

Kathleen(right) and I on top of a 'mountain'

Kathleen(right) and I after our ascent! What a view!

Panoramic View of the Lake and Mountainside!

Panoramic View of the Lake and Mountainside!